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The T Gen

The Transenlightened Generation – Politics, Spirituality and the Bioconvergence

Challenge: Enlightenment thinking is dead. Its destructive pitching of humanity over nature has sparked ongoing species extinction events referred to as the 6th Mass Extinction. Unlike previous events, the 6th Mass Extinction is driven by us, and our unsustainable use of land, water and energy. Enlightenment thinking also fails to recognise we live in a post-genomic era, where data, molecular engineering, and new frameworks redefine possibilities. Artists, designers, engineers, and biotech firms are increasingly moving beyond the Enlightenment paradigm. Blurring lines between established knowledge silos of biology, engineering and healthcare. What is now emerging is no gradual iteration. It’s a social revolution, a mass convergence of many fields: Bioconvergence.

The Future of Global Healthcare

Solution: To ensure we survive future extinction events, there’s an opportunity to create a new business model — an Transenlightenment. To be ‘transenlightened’ means to understand the potential of redesigning our biotechnological selves for the greater good. From this worldview, the Transenlightened Generation (the ‘T Gen’) promise to empower species change. Because they understand changing ourselves is the only way to transform our environment, and future.

Mission: To create a global network of community-owned spaces and programmes that empower humanity with transenlightenment.

Policy: Consult our mentors to understand your ‘multiomichealth profile. Discover your underlying genetic tendencies and see whether your lifestyle, diet, or meds are working for or against you. Immersive yourself in our ‘meducational’ health and wellness experiences. Use your multiomics profile to guide decisions around effective hyper-personalised therapies. Take advantage of state-of-the-art facilities and explore what works for you. Realise your untapped potential by incorporating personalised self-care into your daily routine.

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